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Soupy Sounds is a CD of songs to help your child learn their early sounds. There is a song for every letter of the alphabet. These songs were not only written for kids, they were written by kids. Each song has its own musical style and teaching window through movement, games, echo and singalong. Stop a while to take a look and have a listen here. If you like what you hear, contact me so you can have your very own copy.

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Soupy Sounds has just become even better value! You can now buy the CD for the price of $19.95. With the added ease of Paypal (which works even if you're not a Paypal account holder) you can have the MOST FUN alphabet songs in your hand with a few clicks.
Where can I buy a copy of Soupy Sounds Alphabet Tunes?
A list of the growing number of places where you can buy a copy of Soupy Sounds Alphabet Tunes. Please let me know if there are places missing, or if you know a shop or supplier who needs some of the happy Alphabet Tunes in their distribution list.
Footy on the TV
This is not very alphabetical. It will not teach you the building blocks for reading. But it is very fun! This is a kids rap I wrote recently, and for a short time only it is FREE. Find it in the "free stuff" part of our website (it's part of the song words sub category in "Soupy Stuff"
Soupy Sounds Bowlful of Ideas #13 - Uu
One of the most popular songs in the Soupy Sounds repertoire, Uu. This one has a catchy tune and an even more catchy game. Read on!
First day of school SPECIAL
For those of you starting school (or preschool) we have a special offer on the Soupy Sounds Alphabet Tunes CD
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